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Being a nail technician is much more than just ‘painting nails’ and we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams and begin building your new career; from initial nail training and nail art courses to business advice and support. 

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Why train with us?


If you want to gain a new qualification in a relaxed and fun environment that will support you afterwards then look no further! Here at The Goal Digger Academy, our students are our priority. We will work with you to achieve your qualifications but also educate you on the industry itself and everything you need to know to run your own business, from photography, to social media, to managing your admin. We're here to make your learning experience as beneficial as possible for you! Attending a course with The Goal Digger Academy will not only give you the qualification you need to begin your journey, but will also provide you with continuous aftercare and support, through meetings, catch ups and tutorials! Giorgia has in-depth knowledge about the industry. Not only do we want you to achieve your qualifications and assist you in starting your new career, but we want to offer you all the tools you need to get started on your own and provide you with invaluable life time support once you have qualified. You will not leave your training wondering what the next steps are, instead, you will be excited about the future and how to succeed with your goals.

All our courses are fully accredited, meaning you can obtain insurance immediately after your training! All of our courses are able to be financed through Payl8r. Once you have decided on your course, please proceed to the Payl8r page of our website, head to the Payl8r checkout at the bottom of the page and complete you chosen course application there. Once your application has been approved we can get you booked in for your desired course!  


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